It’s never to much repeat that we are just Sports Teachers. Good Surf Good Love it’s a Surf and Sports Academy. We Love health!

We are not a Surfcamp. Just an Academy, of Sports teachers with long sports and Surf CVs…

We do have a little Summer House, literally 150 steps from the sea – Yes we counted. You can come and count yourself!

BUT, we also partner up with the best hospitality managers around, to receive you in the best accommodations.   We advise Walking distance, but some of Villas and Resorts you will need a car, to drive to the main easier Surf Spots. Form Villas, apartments with pool, Resorts, 3 to 5 stars Hotels, and only a couple of Guest Houses because it’s the only ones we know you will be received according to with our standards. Because we are honest and focused on your comfort, you can trust that we will advise on the best Spot – From Santa Cruz to Baleal and the accommodations we think will suit better your budget Vs expectations! Share with us your expectations and we will give you a couple of accommodations proposals accordingly. Will be a pleasure to book it for you.

About our Catus Homie: The Catus Homie it’s a little Summer House in Baleal – Sea walking distance. 

Rent a Room in our small, humble and honest typical Summer House. The kind of living outside. Use the garden to relax and walk barefoot to the beach, because you are literally 150 steps away!
You can also check Surf conditions from our Control Tower! Dress and undress at our grass, and clean and dry your wetsuit or store or rent your boards with us.  
It’s a shared Summer House. Live it with us.
    Facilities: Shared Guest House with 3 rooms. Garden with barbecue. Private parking. Equipped Kitchen. Wi-fi. TV. Literally 20 steps from the sea.