Surf Shot

Getaway from your job, take a break and visit our sunny coast. Designed for surfing made simple. For self-taught or for a smaller budget wallet. All best advice for your performance still included!

Simple and easy designed for your own autonomy and to spend the maximum time possible in practice.

Set me up for your class, and with some tutoring and a couple of hours together, I will give you tips for the best spots for your practice, to avoid crowd or for your safety, advise you on the best equipment to use, namely board and wetsuit. I will also ensure you can change your board in the middle of the week if you need or if i think would be better for your performance.

What’s Included and How much?

4 surfing days at the beach

3 nights accommodation at Catus Homie

1 Group Surf Class

2,5 full days Gear Rental (Will be enough, trust me. It will cover it all!

Single – 237€
Couple  – 396€

In July or August:

Single – 273€
Couple  – 426€