Born In An Empty Line Up

The Good Surf Good Love brand harkens back to a time of empty line-ups. A few lifetimes ago, when we wanted to share this unique lifestyle, tell the whole world about it, but not many would give it a try. Much has changed since. Everyone has embraced the culture.

Today, everyone understands why we wanted to be at the beach and nowhere else. Closer to the sea, in tune with the waves, at one with nature and living. That’s where we want to take you.

Each surf program at GoodSurfGoodLove is designed to the finest of details. We’re looking for the perfect mix of technical knowledge and pure living, to be able to give YOU the most honest surf experience. It’s all about being authentic and the real culture. The real portuguese culture and the real surf culture!

An experience that uses surfing as the main life ingredient for everything we value most: magical moments, meeting new people and cultures, forming new memories, learning something new, celebrating those small formative milestones as you go further outside, culminating in that perfect wave you never thought was yours to ride.

Still having doubts about the best way to get yourself in the line up ready for take off?