The GoodSurfGoodLove Legacy

The Good Surf Good Love brand harkens back to the time of empty line ups. The time when we wanted to share this unique lifestyle but not many would give it a try. The time when the society wouldn’t understand the reason why we wanted to be all the time at the beach, closer to the sea, involved with the waves.

The Good Surf Good Love, is a movement of fully commitment with the simple way of living, back to the times when we had real surfer alone at the beach. Our manifest is to offer you, the real and unique experience of a local surfer life style. Magical moments will happen, new friend will be met, new memories will be created, new skills learned, new goals will be achieved, lots of perfect waves will be ridden…

Each program is studied carefully, to serve the most honest surf experience you can have. It’s all about the real culture. The real portuguese culture and the real surf culture!

Inês Tralha’s BIO

Inês is passioned about health and sports, and have special love about water sport’s movement mechanics. She have dedicated her life to study it. The obsession about effectiveness in sports and life, when creating training and teaching methods, made her focus on study and improve a better and faster way of teaching, without loosing the special emotional touch that only the Nature’s Sports can put us through.

“Usually i cross with people that want to have the all experience we’ve been living for all our life, in no more than a week or two. Well, challenge accepted!”

She is surfing for more than 23 years, teaching all kind of sports for 20, and teaching all kinds of levels and different ages for 17 year. Studied Physical and Sports Education and became oficial school teacher at age 23. But her passion was the sea, so she went back to University for another degreed, this time specific in Surf.

She has the knowledge and the experience and a lifetime doing what she loves more: to teach and to coach without leaving her own practice.

“Since I started to Surf, back in the 90’s, everything I lived, have been influenced by this surfer life style. The books and magazines and articles I read, the many I didn’t read, my sartorial comfortable kind of style, my nutrition options, the house I live in, the cars I drive, the friends I have, the travels,… Some would say that this life it’s not the wright. Well, every time i’m in the line up, missing one more social event,… I just know – i’m just where I am supposed to be. Sometimes alone in this walk, but always always faithful to my heart.”