Surf Education

How do we teach

Over 17 years teaching more than 20.000 new surfers and coaching more advanced surfers, i personally developed an infallible method for your step by step learning or improving  process.

Right before or at your arrival, we want to know everything about your sport and surf skills, and specially your goal and expectations, so we can deliver an individualized teaching.
Honestly, there’s nothing different about teaching Surf, or any other sport like gymnastics, Tennis or Football. We built control of our body and step by step introduce new variables to the environment.

So how do we learn just about anything? We practice. Practice is a repetition of an action with the goal of improvement!
And how do we practice efficiently? Well, only with the right pattern of movement repetition!
Have you been repeating the right amount of times the right pattern of movement??

Well, leave all the theory will us. We will be focus on delivering the right amount for your collection of new emotions and may be even drive you thought a new surf feeling that you may never felt before!

How do we take action

We have analyzed Surf, long before, splinted in levels, broken into specific skill sets. By Introducing to Surf Biomechanics and by Analyzing Human Movement Patterns. By Video recording  and analyzing each one movements patterns. With Theory lessons, and white board explanations.

With the theory we try to cover all kind of information like:

  • Best board for you,
  •  Surf etiquette and respect for all kind of surfers and other beach and sea lovers.
  •  Swell and forecast.

And also, very important:

  •  At pool or flat water or white water board agility.
  • At pool or flat water duck dive and other ways to safely and successful pass to the outside
  • Pool or flat sea learning the paddle technique

Our surf lessons