2021 Programs and Dates

Programs Calendar for 2021

Dear all, we are happy to announce the Good Surf Good Love calendar for the 2021 Season.
(Trying our best to predict what the government can’t predict, about COVID, we think these dates will work).


P1 – Surfing Science

May 2nd to 12th

Extended Version – May 2nd to 16th

Spots Available – 6


P2 – Aloha Girls

May 16th to 25th

Extended Version – May 16th to 30th

Spots Available – 5


P3 – Surfing Science

May 30th to June 9th

Extended Version – May 30th to June 13th

Spots Available – 7


P4 – Aloha Girls

June 13th to 23th

Extended Version – June 13th to 27th

Spots Available – 7


P5 – Aloha Girls

June 27th to July 7th

Extended Version -June 27th to July 11th

Spots Available – 7


P6 – Surfing Science

July 11th to July 21th

Extended Version – July 11th to July 25th

Spots Available – 4


P7 – Surfing Science

July 25th to August 4th

Extended Version – July 25th to August 8th

Spots Available – 4

P8 – Surfing Science

August 8th to 18th

Extended Version -August 8th to 22th

Spots Available – 4


P9 – Surfing Science

August 22nd to September 1st

Extended Version -August 22nd to September 5th

Spots Available – 4

P10 – Aloha Girls

September 5th to 15th

Extended Version -September 5th to 19th

Spots Available – 7

P11 – Aloha Girls 

September 19th to 29th

Extended Version -September 5th to October 3rd

Spots Available – 7


P12 – Surfing Science

September 19th to 29th

Extended Version -September 5th to October 3rd

Spots Available – 7


P13 – Aloha Girls

October 3rd to 13th

Extended Version -October 3rd to 17th

Spots Available – 7


P14 – Surfing Science

 October 17th to 27th

Extended Version -October 3rd to 31st

Spots Available – 7

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