3 Values that we insist on spreading on to our students

 3 Values that we insist on spreading on to our students

There are a number of rules and values that we start to go over from the very first lesson, but today we will just highlight 3:

🌊  Loose boards, thrown or badly cared for – one of the appreciations that everyone who has attended other schools will immediately mention is that our equipment is all new. Actually, it isn’t. Some of our boards are already in their 3rd or 4th season. But it is a principle of ours, out of respect for the greatest artists in this love story – the shapers. These artisans are responsible for simple details that further refine our emotions when riding the waves. As such, even if they are sponge boards, they are not meant to have cuts, dings, or bumping into anything or anyone. Of course, this behavior starts with us – Surfers who teach, Monitors, Instructors, Coaches, or Teachers.

🌊  Disturb the leisure of others – ⛔️  NEVER! You know, no wave sharing. None of that weird new party waves stuff. Waves are not shared, not stolen, not disturbed.

🌊  Not respecting your turn in the “queue” for the waves! – Priorities demand knowledge. Sometimes, even on the most unruly peak and full of new practitioners with little knowledge and many doubts, there can be order, rule, and respect.

Ah!! and the rules of priority, that normally everyone knows, are those of the athletes that use them with knowledge and strategic wisdom. While they have little experience, it is normal to take the leftovers from the good surfers, and when in the middle of equals, the rule of every man in his turn should reign, like in the supermarket line.👌