I have already been asked what is the difference between these 2.

The most important thing to note is that surfers live on the beach. They exchanged everything and everyone for hours at sea. 🌊

A practitioner is usually a person who goes once a week or a vacation from time to time. But pay attention to a person who now does it every day, it may not yet have that status or on the contrary, I know a lot of surfers who now only go on weekends but in summer, as soon as the days with more hours of light come, they walk there them from the city to the beach, doing km every day, to feed this addition!

(Then there’s the aspirant. Matter for an upcoming class! 😉)

➡️  Here are 7 great details that set them apart:

🌊  Surfer catches the waves. The practitioner is caught by the waves;

🌊  The Surfer takes the board. The Practitioner stands behind the board trying to maintain balance;

🌊  The Surfer takes the shoulder line projected on the front / center support of the board. The Practitioner projects his weight more on the back support;

🌊  The surfer manages to accelerate the board. The practitioner makes the board lock / dredge water;

🌊  The Surfer uses the board rails. The Practitioner surfs at the bottom of the board;

🌊  The surfer uses the wave wall. The practitioner runs the bottom of the wave;

🌊  The surfer dominates the most important maneuver – the turn at the base. Practitioners, often “big loggers” who fill the beach with style, never made one.

As Patrícia Lopes used to say, our greatest champion in the history of Surfing in Portugal: “Forward, it’s Lisbon eheheh!”