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Surfing Sciences 2021 Dates – updated!

Surfing Sciences Program Dates 2021 1️⃣  June 27th to July 11th 2️⃣  July 11th to 25th (6 spots available) 3️⃣  July 25th to August 8th 4️⃣  August 8th to 22nd 5️⃣  August 22nd to September 5th 6️⃣  September 5th to October 3rd 7️⃣  October 3rd to 17th 8️⃣  October 17th to 31st


3 Benefits of Surfing

3 Benefits of Surfing 🧠 It promotes mental health 🧠 Surfing contributes to psychological well-being, as it helps you deal with stress, pressure, increases your confidence and helps you meet new people.   ❤️ Improves cardiovascular health ❤️ It is one of the most complete sports, as it requires the effort of almost every muscle, […]

To read a wave – lesson 3

How to read a wave? The ability to read a wave is acquired mainly with sea time, with training! But there are a few things you can take into account to read one. 3 tips to keep in mind when reading a wave: Analyze the sea and the waves and try to find patterns, similar […]


Borg Scale

How to Measure Training Intensity: Relation Between Heart Rate and Training Sports performance, improving general fitness, weight control, or developing surf-specific fitness. If you have one of these goals, it is important to monitor your Heart Rate during training. Heart Rate (HR) control and monitoring is an excellent tool, to manage training intensity intervals more […]

Surfing Stance

Today we offer you a detailed description of the basic position of Surfing that we consider to be the best approach, for the initial training of any person. This approach is based on 22 years of collected experience, many courses taken, some academic, others just for a few hours or weekends, many questions asked to […]