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Surfing Science Week Program

Along the week we meet almost every day for a couple of hours, some days twice, to talk about Surf and to practice it. We will accept a small group of 4 to 8 for our dedicated team crew. I personally want to drive your surf experience into a sensorial learning of becoming a surfer, by […]

Begining of November in the South

The last couple of weeks I’ve been in Lagos in a Camp doing the Roxy 2.0 intermediate week. After 3 years doing this program, this Camp kind of format, it’s still new for me. And down South of Portugal, have so many special places that I want to show the ladies. This mixed feelings between, […]

Second Hand – Pranchas e Fatos

Olá a todos, Duas vezes por ano, antes e depois do Verão costumamos fazer uma seleção de alguns dos nossos equimentos com mais ou menos uso e promovemos uma “venda de garagem”. Fatos e pranchas, para Verão ou Inverno, com mais ou menos uso, para todas as carteiras, para ambos os sexos e qualquer idade… Quer precises […]

Good Surf good Love, will have special guests…

Next weekend, it’s time for a reunion between a group of 4yo friends and his parents. The purpose is to teach parents, how to teach their children: Be aware of safety rules, respect the children’s fears and learning timing. From my experience of 17 years teaching Surf, I see many parents expecting their children to […]