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Sea Lessons

👀  On days with perfect seas like this, it is easy to read the sea.
But actually, sea reading is not only about perfect days and small seas.

⛱   On days with small sea or even without waves there are still currents, for example. As I have already mentioned, there are patterns: near pontoons for example, where some summer swimmers like to go for a swim because it is an area without waves. It is one of the most dangerous areas for a swimmer because it is a current zone that pulls us to the sea (to the outside).

⏳  Knowing the sea requires many hours of practice, either diving, watching, body surfing, or doing some board practice. The books and schemes like these help, but are not enough, because the scheme described here can vary with each group of waves, and according to whether the tide goes up or down.

🏋🏼‍♂️  In sports, we use a very important principle: efficiency! And efficiency is as simple as reaching a goal at the lowest possible cost.

Often people, spending exactly the same budget, prefer to invest in cheap, borrowed, and unsuitable material, and to learn on their own. 🙄🙅‍♀️

👧🧒🏻  If they are children, who still have all the time in the world, they will eventually get there. An adult, however, may be condemning their learning by choosing a more painful path with more obstacles.

🎖  What I mean is that, in a School, they will find the equipment that they can change as they evolve, and they will certainly have access to a step-by-step methodology, so that they don’t precipitate or even condemn their learning and/or evolution. Never forget the safety and respect for the practice of others, choosing the right place for your level.