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Surfings Science Program 2021

This Surfing Science (2021 Upgraded) Program, it’s Program for surfers (Level 1 up to level 4) or for those who aims to be a surfer (LEVEL 0)

This program can be 10 days or an EXTENDED VERSION of 14 day, You choose!

Learn from zero or improve your skills. We want to know everything about you, so before arriving, we send you a questionnaire about your sports past, your physical condition, and what experience you have with surfing. On your arrival we apply the Good Surf Good Love Strength And Mobility Surf Check Up, and you will immediately know what can you expect by the end of the program.

The program is designed according to tides, weather, sea conditions, and your skills and expectations, allway keeping it fun, free and true to the Surf Culture.

At the end, you will receive a report from where you were, what you achieved and where you can grow next.
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What can you expect:

1️⃣ Learn the original Surf Culture, back from the ninety’s empty lineups:

How to behave at the Sea – respect to be respected.

Understanding better the priorities, localism, and which waves are mine and not to share.

2️⃣ Basic skills needed 

Surf mobility & Strength Test is applied and a report delivered in the beginning and at the end.

3️⃣ Teaching or Correction of the proper biomechanical basic stance

A biomechanical approach for your perfect pop up,

Scientific proof that there isn’t any jump at the pop-up, not even for a professional surfer – based on scientific articles

Will also be adjusted and individualized, but when we have to find different solutions, we need to initially accept that limitations for higher-level still exists

4️⃣ How to really drive the board

Different levels and boards sizes approach

Footwork – where and how should it land at the board

Eyes, Chest, arms, and hands placement and movement details that you never heard about.

5️⃣ The proper learning of new maneuvers 

The wave its the master coach, that should tell you all about your dancing along the wave running

Learn the wave energies zones, to understand what, when, where, and how to do maneuvers, and which and why

Once you understand it, add new advanced maneuvers, done by adding extra energy to your basic maneuvers: Bottom Turn, Top Turn, Snap, Reentry, Cut Back, Roundhouse Cutback, Floater,

6️⃣ Reports of your starting and final performance, and where can you focus next


Along with this program, you learn the basics. And in the future, you can come for more. Basics it’s like the word say – THE BASICS:

* Surf Culture ;

* Relation with the new element – THE BOARD;

* The easiest way to Stand and Stay Up and drive it down the “road”;

* Biomechanics – How does the human body works. You can’t force it to move another way. It has more than 350 thousand years;

* Basic Position studied for better success.

* The Me, the Sea, and the others – The Good Surf Good Love Pyramid of RESPECT.

– The types of wave, white water Vs Line Up.

– The crowd – a respectful approach about no one owning Nature.

– The first session ever Surfing – It’s whitewater time. Why? – Because you need to practice the correct pattern of movement, through repetition.

If you already have the experience, it’s time to challenge you with new skills like TrimBottom Turn and Top TurnCut Back,…


About the value and what’s included

The 10 days program is 940€ value and the extended version is 1400€.

The 10 days program Includes: 

✅ 10 Nights Accommodation at our Catus Homie Guesthouse or upgrade it to a private apartment.
✅ 13 Hours of Surf Education (9 meetings – 6 “wet sessions”, + 1 dry session of Surf skating Theory, Surf Education, wave and sea analysis, Culture, in-water, video coaching, surf lessons theory, video feedback, or specific skill coaching, for your best performance)
✅ Only 4 to 7 practitioners and 2 to 4 of us team
✅ Sports Insurance for Surfing
✅ All the gear adjusted to your size, habilities, wave conditions, and time of the day
✅ All equipment lovingly treated in perfect conditions
✅ Photographs and videos to analyze and to save as a memory and to show off to friends
✅ Continuous evolution: Up to 4 levels of training
✅ Professional Academic Team that will draw the perfect program for every group

The extended version – 14 days:

✅ 14 Nights Accommodation at a private apartment – as a special offer for this end of the year 2020 program
✅ 18 Hours of Surf Education (13 meetings – 9 “wet sessions”, 1 dry session of Surf skating Theory, Surf Education, wave and sea analysis, Culture, in-water, video coaching, surf lessons theory, video feedback, or specific skill coaching, for your best performance)
✅ And all as the 10 days list.

Check here the available dates 


PENICHE – BALEAL – 39.371882, -9.336027

Our headquarters at Baleal is by the beach, in a location that allows us to be around some of the best practice places, without even having to use a car.

Catus Homie is a tiny little beach house, with a lawn garden, 10 steps from the beach. Its location is super special because we managed to be on top of the event – close to the best beaches of the Baleal for surf practice, without being in the middle of the city mess, it allows us to have lots of privacy to prepare for our classes.

Thus everything unfolds without needing to use cars and we don’t need to waste time on parking lots because we have private parking for our customers.

Catus Homie is a little family, tiny, non-big luxury house in which the great luxury is its location and protected garden that allows us sun exposure and protection of the prevailing wind. It’s just perfect!


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It is normal for a surfer to try to teach a friend how to surf like himself. But we can never forget that whenever we have a new guest in our surf class – boy, girl, woman or man, they haven’t spent all those hours at sea like we did when young.

We need to look at their learning process from another point of view, from a teacher point of view: how can I give this person the best performance in just one week?

The only way is by knowledge. Knowing exactly where we can shorten their learning curve, how can we make them feel the correct feeling – the balanced and control feeling, how body mechanics works, how the body balances on a mobile platform, with fewer mistakes than we had time to do, with more understanding of themselves and a fair expectations to what each and everyone can truly accomplish, and also soooo important: how they can understand the sea – the element that never has a repeated moment.

The learning process has so much to consider…

If all variables are grouped, the process can be simple and efficient. On the contrary, if we try to impose a different record of the true biomechanical, physical, electrical and chemical functioning necessary for the retention of sensory-motor information in long term memory, will not work efficiently.

Neuroscience tells us that in order to learn, a specific chemical is needed – the dopamine. And this chemical is released into our bloodstream when this learning is done with excitement, happy and pleasant conditions.

Dopamine increases brain memory and also creates motivational pathways.

Negative emotions, such as the frustration of failing and the comparison with other people’s unwillingness, promote barriers to motor and brain memory.

Therefore, learning can and should be easy and fun.

Falling over and over again it’s not fun. From this point of view, I think,  everyone needs adjusted learning process for individual skill and physical conditioning, especially any adult!

😌😌 😉😁

by Tralha

Sometimes some parents think, because their children haven’t learned how to swim yet, they can’t learn how to Surf.
Well, at our Academy we are also the ones who teach your children how to swim in the swimming clubs or official schools. In our classes, we have a controlled learning environment. First, we have to gain the children’s trust, keeping them fun and comfortable and always, always safe.
Later on, we will be concerned with the technical aspects related to surfing.
For now, between 2 and 5 yo, we educate and teach while having fun.
In this video, when I show up without the Academy outfit – Instructor Lycra, I am informally playing with my nephews on my off day. When equipped with my working dress code, I am teaching and educating new future surfers and beach bathers.
What’s the difference? When the parents of these kids understand that we are also educated and trained for this role, NON.
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