How to avoid injuries or other risks while surfing

In addition to accidents and injuries, it is necessary to avoid, the same behaviors, disturbing the good mood of everyone on the beach – our main motto.
🥇  And it all starts with behaviors, which cannot be at risk at any time.
Please practice these habits:
🚦  1. Don’t go to a peak where you don’t see waves passing by without a surfer, It’s sold out!
There is no room for one more. This point, if it was a big help before COVID, imagine it now. If we had all been educated like that, everything would be easier now but in Surf there are many giant egos, combined with anorexic minds… 😁  Glup, said!
There are more difficult lineups to analyze, but at a peak, where the waves break in a triangular shape, it is very easy to observe this fact.
🚦  2. Keep your board permanently controlled.
Whatever your level, you have no excuse for not keeping your board constantly under control. I repeat, regardless of your level.
🚦  3. Some peaks are not for you, yet. Learn to surf better and invest more time in the Sea.
Gain more surfing experiences as some spots (surf spots) require many hours of flight! Many have already done more hours at sea than the rest of your life will allow you, even if you stay on “COVID vacation” 🤨  another year, and you can go to the sea every day, you will not add the hours of those who live on the beach and started small. ⠀⠀⠀⠀
🚦  4. Wherever you choose to surf, imagine yourself permanently without a string (leash or shop). Check if you can return without panicking, in case you lose your board and if you are not constantly letting go of the board, either because it is too big for you or because you do not have the ability to do so. 🤕
🚦  5. Do not disturb others, whether they are vacationers, other good surfers, other surfers to learn – And here I do not say anything else 😋. What I would say at this point, I already said at the first.