Do you want to improve your fitness for surfing?

Today I am going to give you a training tip, to raise your general physical condition more quickly, more specifically in the cardiovascular component.

What we are going to work on is specifically the VO2max.

And what is VO2max?

Maximum VO2 is considered an indicator of physical condition.

It represents a capacity. Your maximum ability to capture, transport, fix and use O2 molecules and consequently, “produce” ATP.

Translated into children, the greater your ability to use the oxygen they inspire, the greater the physiological ability to produce energy.

A super simple suggestion:

Draw two lines on the sand, at a distance of about 30/40 strides. (example)

A workout, which can be done with running, although a race has little transfer to surfing. Except, the fact that, by doing a little speed, we can also increase the production of force.


First of all, do your usual surf warm-up or do a line-by-line run several times.

At least 10 to 20 courses, without stopping, at a low to moderate speed, until they start to feel hot and wheezing. For the more conditioned it may not be enough.

Note: The most suitable for any heating is to do a complete. Start by mobilizing all the joints and then move on to larger movements and combine with different planes, gradually increasing the intensity.


Secondly, start the training phase. Do the route “to the North”, at your maximum speed and in the reverse route, come walking at a fast pace.

Repeat about 5 to 8 times.

This workout can take 8 to 12 minutes, or even less. But it has positive effects.


Do it about 3 times a week for 15 days. And tell us how you feel: did it get too easy or are you already doing it on foot?


More Suggestions or variations:

1. As it gets easier, replace the walking route, for example running.

2. To further increase the requirement, count the time and reduce the recovery time to equal the effort time or even half.

In the beginning it will take for example 20 ’’ on the speed course and walking again will take almost a minute, and even then it seems that it is not enough to recover.

3. After a week, they will be able to do only 12 ’’ of course at full speed, and instead of walking, they should rest actively, just 20/30 ’’, and start for another series.

4. They can also just wear a watch and run at intervals along the beach.

Now just play with the numbers, to be more prepared for surfing!

This “game” has thousands of possible mathematics, but the most important thing is that it be adjusted to each one, and not the same for everyone.

If we use this interval training method to swim in the pool, or paddle on your board in the sea, in addition to improving your cardiovascular capacity, you are also improving your skills more related to surfing.

As we say in our training terminology – there are more transfers.

If you want a training like this designed for you, contact us.