Regular or Goofy? 🤔

We have previously described how we consider to be the best base position, to have as a reference for the initial learning of Surfing.
🤩 But it is also important to mention that there are people who feel more comfort and balance when putting their right foot in front – GOOFY.
🤩 Others who feel greater stability with their left foot forward on the Surfboard – REGULAR.
For many in this area, this decision is made considering the calling foot, or the strongest foot, for example the foot that kicks the ball, and this should be the back foot or, there is also a lot of habit of pushing the person to see which foot advances, and this should be the front one.
🦶 So it usually boils down to the fact that the strongest foot is the back foot on the board or that the foot that locks when we push a person is the front foot.
At Good Surf Good Love, we do not use any of these methods because, we know that there is a very large percentage of goofy surfers, surfers who use their left foot behind and who do all other sports with their right foot, sometimes even snowboarding. or skateboarding. 😉
➡️ By the way, did you know that the expression “Goofy” comes from far back in 1937, when Walt Disney launched a cartoon of Goofy – Goofy – surfing with his right foot forward on his board? The film was called “Hawaiian Holiday”, look it up on YouTube.
⚠️ Please note that this term does not mean that whoever surfs with their right foot forward is not going to be a good surfer. Take a look at the average of Goofyes and Regular surfers in the 1st world league championship to see that the percentages are almost half.
Therefore, it is important that, in the case of adults, the mechanical programs that the body brings with other practices are respected, without ever contradicting it, seeking greater comfort in one of the positions; in the case of children, if they are less than 6 years old, it will be natural for them to rise in both ways, as they are in the optimal phase of psychomotor learning. At this stage, the little ones are a sponge! For us, we don’t much like to oppose this playing with your skills, but it is customary to be “forced” to an early specialization, more due to impatience of the parents or repair of the children among themselves, than by our will.😅
From the age of 6, it is common that they also already have this base defined for one side. Then yes, it is time to make corrections, such as starting to insist that they get up off the board in the way that we consider technically and biomechanically more functional – without jumping, without toes supported, without tiring push-ups, etc…. eheheh more material for an upcoming post!
And thou? Are you Regular or Goofy?🤔
                             👌 But if you want to know more, you already know, we are on the beach waiting for you!😜