When will the brain become fashionable in the world of surfing?!


In the process of creating solutions for the best education system for all skills that I consider imperative to pass on to Good Surf Good Love practitioners,

in a process of countless hours of study,

thousands of euros invested in courses and books,

in an interesting collection of the most original community values ​​possible,

in the transfer of values ​​from other sports, which are only now starting to reach surfing,

in the experience with more than 20 thousand students, in more than 26 years that I started surfing and learning with others, more than 22 years ago, when I took the Coaches Course and started teaching Surf, at Ericeira Surf Camp and then with my Coach at his School in Ericeira,

that I collected and tested what brought me to the Inês Tralha Method.

I often wondered if it was called the Good Surf Good Love Method, but no. The Method is older than Good Surf Good Love, which despite being one of the first 10 academies in Portugal, had to drink from my personal experience, which shows my personal values, which actually make a perfect match with the values sports:
  • Responsibility
  • Team spirit
  • Subject
  • Tolerance
  • Perseverance
  • Humanism
  • Truth
  • Respect
  • Solidarity
  • Dedication
  • Courage

When I form the Good Surf Good Love Coaches with the Inês Tralha Method, it is not always easy to pass on specific Surf values ​​to those who arrived at Surf when it already had this scenario of allowed excesses and true disorganization and disorientation. When they haven’t had any kind of sports training (if they haven’t practised other sports, formally) or academic, then it’s like teaching them to walk. If you’ve already taken a Surfing class out there, then everything gets complicated, because there’s a method here!

When everything has a beginning, middle and end, and a reason for being, and these Trainers are humble and interested in learning, then everything is easy.

This is a little smell of the Inês Tralha Method.

As Technical and Pedagogical Director of 3 Certified Surfing Coaches Courses – Grade I, I tried to pass on some of these values, but with a very mediocre success rate, because in the world of surfing, everyone already knows everything and doesn’t train to know more and to be better, but to have a role, which allows them to be more at ease in their more or less legal jobs… (Of course, there is no rule without exception. But unfortunately, this is the rule that prevails most.)

Still, I hope that this video with a small sample of the Inês Tralha Method, which is practised at Good Surf Good Love, will help some Surfers, Monitors, Instructors or Coaches who give some lessons, to be better, more respectful of Surf while practising and Sports mode, and practice sports values ​​more and more, because now Surfing is not just an activity for marginal people or a dream life.

It is an activity where it is possible to make a career! This career, promising only for those who want to be better. This career, in which, definitely, professionals have to qualify every year, improve themselves every season, have pride, study, train, this time, not to have a role in their hands, but to have more scientific information in their heads.