Along the week we meet almost every day for a couple of hours, some days twice, to talk about Surf and to practice it.
We will accept a small group of 4 to 8 for our dedicated team crew.
I personally want to drive your surf experience into a sensorial learning of becoming a surfer, by accepting your and each one’s level of skills and enjoying each new ride with Good Surf Good Love, on your own style.
For me, that’s what Surf is all about. Actually, that’s what life is all about! Living it, your way! Once you accept your level of skills, all other choices will change according to this first rule: Respect yourself!
This week, you learn the basics. And in the future, you can come for more.
Basics it’s like the word say – THE BASICS:
* Surf Culture ;
* Relation with the new element – THE BOARD;
* The easiest way to Stand and Stay Up and drive it down the “road”;
* Biomechanics – How does the human body work. You can’t force it to move another way. It has more than 350 thousand years;
* Basic Position studied for better success.
* The Me, the Sea and the others – My Pyramid of RESPECT.
– The types of wave – white water Vs Line Up.
– The crowd – Locals Vs not Locals – a respectful approach about no one owning the Nature.
– The first week ever Surfing – It’s whitewater time. Why? – Because I need you to practice the correct pattern of movement, through repetition.

Who is this program to: 

  • If you have never surfed before – You are welcome.
  • If you surfed once or twice, in schools, camps or with friends, this program is for you.
  • If you’ve been in other programs, but your Standing/Staying up is not consistent, you are welcome. By consistency I mean: in every 10 waves, you are successful in at least 6 to 10. Like in any other exam, if your average is below this result, come to our Level 0 Certification.
  • If you wish to learn about the science behind Surf and give yourself the possibilities of learning my method of the step by step in Surfing, this is absolutely for you.

You should get your place certification fast because we will only receive 8 persons.

Grow your level in small steps. Skills will be learned and consolidate!
What’s included: 
7 nights accommodation in our Catus Homie or walking distance apartments.
12 hours of Surf Education (theory, practice, frame analyses, and personal discussion about each one’s difficulties, split the best way for your effective learning process).
Breakfast basket – eggs, cheese, oats, fruit, coffee, water and tea.
– A Portuguese Dinner served with my brother’s Wine.
Insurance, all the gear – adjusted to your level and to the weather.
Photographs from your week.
– Only 4 to 8 of You, to 2 to 3 of Us.
How much does it cost: 799€
– For private room – Extra 280€.
– For private apartment – Extra 300€ (for you, or for two, in case you want to bring someone who doesn’t want to join the program or is already independent).
– Car rental (under consulting). You will have plenty of time and many many things to visit…
– Bike or Skate Rental – around 5€ per day.
Surfing Science Program RULES:
The program is organised considering tides and wave condition. We adjust it along the week, if needed, considering the group level, skills and your happiness.
We walk to the beach.
You have freedom during the biggest part of the day.
You will not be stuck at the beach with all the others, because the house is walking distance.
We don’t stay at the beach if it’s too hot, too cold, raining or too windy because it’s not comfortable. But you can stay if you want. We are all different.
This is not a boot camp, it’s not a camp, it’s a workshop week.
This program is not a leisure time program for tourists. Was honestly designed to teach you the pleasure and happiness of Surfing days and lifestyle.
There is no driving here included, because we have the greatest location ever. We have the sea on your right side and at your left side. But of course, we usually take you in our old-school Land Rover to take a look at the surroundings and to go to the Surf Shops or Supermarket. But again, EVERYTHING IS walking distance.
The food included is some products at your welcome breakfast basket and a Portuguese Dinner, that will be cooked by Tralha!
Take a ride in my honest point of view of Surfing in Portugal.



24th Jun to 1st Jul – Surfing Science Level 0 Certification

1st to 8th Jul – Surfing Science Level 1 Certification

8th to 15th Jul – Surfing Science Level 1 Certification

2nd to 9th Sep – Surfing Science Level 0 Certification

9th to 16th Sep – Surfing Science Level 1 Certification

30th Sep to 7 Oct – ALLBOARD – Closing season