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📚  Backside – What is it?

In Surf there are in fact many terms, and for those who started recently, it is not always easy to decipher them all. Today we talk about “Backside”.

Backside refers to the way the surfer approaches the wave!

✅   We have already talked about the base position and we know that there are surfers who put their left leg in front/center of the board, which we call regulars, and that there are Goofys who put their left foot on the back of the board.

✅   We have also identified with you, when the wave runs to the right and when it runs to the left.

Note: do not forget that the reference is always the surfer running a wave towards the beach. The backside surfer is when the surfer runs the wave with his back to it.

➡️   So, if you are goofy (right foot in front), when you go on a wave to the right, that will be your backside.

➡️   On the other hand, if you are a regular surfer (left foot in front), then to train your backside, you have to surf waves to the left.

🤩   A special tip from Good Surf Good Love: it is very common for a surfer to prefer doing front waves – Frontside. It can be said that it is easier. So, right from the start, you should practice your backside a lot, so as not to condition your evolution and stay forever with this limitation, which is largely due to the arrow position, very flexed and lateralized that you see so much by the waves on beaches all over the world.

🔺   To correct this recurring problem, in most of the more advanced surfers who ask for help to evolve, practice your backside, with persistence and don’t forget to correct your base position, according to the method of Good Surf Good Love.