The pyramid of respect

The pyramid of respect of the Good Surf Good Love Method has a very particular reading.

🧠  Aware that many will not understand it, we still insist on giving you a vision that can change the way you see, feel and explore Surfing.
The true and purest pleasure of surfing comes from the full control of gliding effortlessly, in the place where the wave generates all the energy (so that we can forget about the surfboard as if it were our worn shoes).

😉 Well, we know that just going to the beach, filling your chest with that sea air, diving into the icy sea, lying on the warm towel, riding the waves coming and going, or being in the sea trying to catch some waves, and even if you don’t catch any,… Well, we know that even so, everyone who loves the beach and the sea feels a kind of balance and harmony, do you agree?

But it’s time to explain to you the magic 🧪, beyond all these ways of enjoying this sometimes calm, sometimes rough, but always fickle Nature.

The true holistic intoxication of surf therapy comes when there is a clear reality of what surfing is, and when we can perfectly adjust our expectations to our true individual capacities and abilities.

This is why we often teach this approach to our students, especially those who have long been searching, in an unequal struggle, for that intoxicated feeling.

Everything starts again towards a new world “after surfing” by having at the base of the pyramid of respect their “I”.

When we have this “I” at the base of Good Surf Good Love’s Pyramid of Respect, then we discover that there is room for everyone to coexist and poetically enjoy their waves always, always, always without disturbing the Surf and the well being of others, who also always need another dose of the sea.

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Draw your pyramid and share it with us! 🤓