To train, where to start?

I want to train, where to start?

Talking about training tips and presenting training solutions or examples, has always been a controversial subject. As well as it has been difficult for me to introduce training online, by zoom, for our classes of children and adults.

This psychological barrier of mine is due to the habit I created of working individually and the need to plan to achieve goals.

But it’s possible, okay? Let’s just start this at the beginning.

Today I come to introduce, here on our social networks, the topic of training and start by clarifying the concept of Functional Training.

What is Functional Training?

The Functional Training fame of the last decade is nothing more than an attempt to rescue the basic patterns of movement.

However, it has been used more to introduce instability and imbalance in the training of people who have never known traditional training. This procedure it’s neglecting the important stabilizing function of certain group of muscles.

Firstly, it is necessary to approach training in a more traditional perspective, where the basic movements of the human body are evaluated, and performed in a controlled manner. The phase of learning movement patterns and developing motor control.

Secondly, we can then talk about loads, progressively, so that the individual maintains the athletic execution of the movements.


Traditional training versus functional training, is it noticed? 🤨

Traditional and functional! If the Fitness area, for multiple, is different from the training area. And it must be said that the focal point of the Functional Training concept is the result of the basic movements of the movement.

REINFORCEMENT: Functional training is used and abused, but an assessment that, adults, children, and athletes know and master these basic patterns of movement, to develop motor control.

Are you ready to go?

By squatting, pulling, pushing, flexing, extending, rotating, tilting, reaching, which are patterns that many bodies today do not know.

Here are some basic tips to get started with Good Surf Good Love. This is the beginning.

If you are a human body, I do not conceive of such a thing, it is dysfunctional. This dysfunction is a pathology.

All of us, present multiple dysfunctions, deviating from the stupid habit, unsurprisingly and in many ways, out of tune.

Children for motor illiteracy. However, we have not completed the full phase of the attachment.

Athletes of modal algae, also going through a phase of conjugation and anatomical adaptation.

This is where I feel the need to work in my laboratory, the gym.

  • In the gym, this is where we can:
  • Analyze a starting point – through initial assessment protocols;
  • Control loads;
  • Define load intensity;
  • Define recovery periods, between loads and between workouts;
  • And the most relevant in this case, teach movement patterns.
  • Or to be able to start working with loads, without the limitations of the knowledge of the basic movement patterns, restricting the work with an athlete in an initial phase.


These basic movements are very important for your movement in surfing, in life, and in training.
So, let’s start with the quality of the movements of our kinetic chain, do you agree?