What is it?

Aloha Girls is a revival of a successful program that we used to promote a few years ago. The gist of it is fairly simple: it doesn’t matter if you ride big or small waves, big or small boards, if you have collected lots of surfing sessions, or never surfed before. Let’s all hang out.

This week is all about the surfing life style lived to its fullest by, you guessed it, girls. It’s quite a different ball game from the testosterone fueled line-ups we still see nowadays. And it’s pretty fun.

For a whole week we can share experiences, meet new people and, why not, just be girls. You know what they say… girls just WANNA HAVE FUN!

This experience is designed for small groups of 4 to 7 girls that will be taken care of by your dedicated team crew. Any level is accepted because we can split the group everyone into different surf spots, surf times, and corners of our beautiful Baleal beach, in the heart of Peniche.

For me, it’s all about helping your drive your surf experience to the next level through an intense sensorial learning of how to be a better surfer. That starts with accepting your skill level and seeing it as an opportunity rather than as an obstacle (surfing can be a demanding/frustrating sport). Once you accept your level of skills, all other choices will change considering this first rule: respect yourself, demande more, and embrace the life you were blessed to live. Only good things will come out of this week.

Dedicated surf coaching

You will start out with a time budget of 14h Surf Instruction Sessions will be adjusted to your level of conditioning and skills, to let you know everything about where, when and what to practice. In the best day or your last session, you can book an extra instruction if you need, but our instruction will be focused on giving you the autonomy to practice longer on your own.

I will give you tips for the best spots for your practice, to avoid crowd or for your safety, advise you on the best equipment to use, namely board and wetsuit. I will also ensure you can change your board in the middle of the week if you need or if I think would be better for your performance.

Who is this program for

  • If you have never surfed before – You are welcome.
  • If you surfed once or twice, in schools, camps or with friends, this program is for you.
  • If you’ve been in other programs, but your Standing/Staying up is not consistent, you are welcome. By consistency I mean: in every 10 waves, you are successful in at least 6 to 10. Like in any other exam, if your average is below this result, come to our Level 0 Certification.
  • If you wish to learn about the science behind Surf and give yourself the possibilities of learning my method of the step by step in Surfing, this is absolutely for you.

You should get your place certification fast because we will only receive 8 persons.

Grow your level in small steps. Skills will be learned and consolidate!

What’s Included

7 nights accommodation in our Catus Homie or walking distance apartments.
12 hours of Surf Education (theory, practice, frame analyses, and personal discussion about each one’s difficulties, split the best way for your effective learning process along the week).
Breakfast basket – eggs, cheese, oats, fruit, coffee, water and tea.
– A Portuguese Dinner served with my brother’s Wine.
Insurance, all the gear – adjusted to your level and to the weather.
Photographs from your week.
– Only 4 to 8 of You, to 2 to 3 of Us.


EXTENDED VERSION10 days – Extra 141€
Private room – Extra 280€.
Private apartment – Extra 300€ (for you, or for two, in case you want to bring someone who doesn’t want to join the program or is already Free Surfer).
– Airport transfer 
Car rental (under consulting). You will have plenty of time and many many things to visit…
Bike or Skate Rental – around 5€ per day.
Photography Session – Under consulting
– In Water Photo Session – Under consulting
Drone Video Session – Under consulting
Performance board rental – Under Consulting
Smart Surfboard Rental – No ding Policy – From 14€ + With 20% discount

How much does it cost

  • 7 days Version – 799€
  • NEW!! – EXTENDED VERSION  – 10 days – 940€


  • 16th to 23th Sep – Aloha Girls Level 0 Certification
  • 16th to 26th Sep – Aloha Girls Level 0 Certification – EXTENDED VERSION
  • 23rd to 30th Sep – Aloha Girls Level 1 Certification
  • 23rd to 1st Oct – Aloha Girls Level 1 Certification – EXTENDED VERSION
  • 21st  to 31 Oct – ALLBOARD – Closing season EXTENDED WEEK


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