Aloha Girls it’s a revival of an old program, that I used to promote in the early of the last decade. Doesn’t matter if you ride big or small waves, big or small boards, if you have collected lots of surfing sessions, or never surfed before!

This week is all about Surf life Style, far from the testosterone competition. This week we can be who we are: GIRLS! And girls just…. WANNA HAVE FUN!!

We will accept a small group of 4 to 7 girls for our dedicated team crew. Any level is accepted because we can split everyone into differents spots, times, or corner of our beautiful Baleal beach.

I personally want to drive your surf experience into a sensorial learning of becoming a better surfer, by accepting your and each one’s level of skills and enjoying each new ride with Good Surf Good Love, on your own style. For me that what Surf is all about. Actually, that’s what life is all about! Living it, your way!

Once you accept your level of skills, all other choices will change considering this first rule: Respect yourself.

Surf Coaching

You will a budget of 14h Surf Instruction Sessions for your level, to let you know everything about where, when and what to practice.
In the best day or your last session, you can book an extra instruction if you need, but our instruction will be focused on giving you the autonomy to practice longer on your own.
I will give you tips for the best spots for your practice, to avoid crowd or for your safety, advise you the best equipment to use, board and wetsuit, change your board in the middle of the week if you need or if I think would be better for your performance.


7 nights Accommodation in private apartment

  • Private parking
  • Private terrace with BBQ
  • Swimming pool
  • Wi-fi
  • Tv
  • Low Season

    From 1 November to 1 March

  • Price
  • Mid Season

    From 1 March to 15 June

    From 15 September to 31 October

  • Price
  • High Season

    From 15 June to 15 September

  • Price
  • Duration

    7 days

  • Location


  • Accommodation

    Private apartment

  • Surf lessons

    14 Hours

  • Surf rentals

    Full week

  • Beach Lunch

    Surfing lessons days

Surf rentals

All week Surf equipment for your best performance during classes

  • Hard or Soft board
  • Wetsuit


  • Performance board rental
  • In water Photo Session
  • Sunset at the cliff
  • Airport transfer

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