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The Good Surf Good Love brand harkens back to a time of empty line-ups. A few lifetimes ago, when we wanted to share this unique lifestyle, tell the whole world about it, but not many would give it a try. Much has changed since. Everyone has embraced the culture. Today, everyone understands why we wanted to be at the beach and nowhere else. Closer to the sea, in tune with the waves, at one with nature and living. That’s where we want to take you.


Each surf program at Good Surf Good Love is designed to the finest of details. We’re looking for the perfect mix of technical knowledge and pure living, to be able to give YOU the most honest surf experience. It’s all about being authentic and the real culture. The real portuguese culture and the real surf culture!


An experience that uses surf as the main life ingredient for everything we value most: magical moments, meeting new people and cultures, forming new memories, learning something new, celebrating those small formative milestones as you go further outside, culminating in that perfect wave you never thought was yours to ride.


Very nice teachers and people at the place in Peniche!

They were encouraging and when one felt like a hard time learning they never gave up on you!

We ended two good days lessons with a social barbecue among the people we met through the lessons.

Great memories!

Lasse & CaroFacebook review

Deffinetely worth the money! Learning on your level,

while having tons of fun with great treiners that really help you in the learning experience.

Great teacher with science based teaching. If you want to learn surfing in a way that gives confidence

with a teacher who supports and challenges you AND fall in love with surfing, go to good surf good love!

Jorik BrandtFacebook review

Great teachers, Ines, Greg and Frederico,

at the surf school in Peniche.

Small groups so we were well looked after giving

the whole family the best experience

Sue PhillipsFacebook review

The way the teach and the way they treat there students

is just first class/ worldclass!

Passionate and professional.

Thanks for the surf and thanks for the BBQ

Timmer OelbrandtFacebook review

Spent a great 4 days with Gonçalez.

Super chilled and friendly, and really professional.

Was able to make some real improvements thanks to a lot of personal atention.

Would definitely recommend Good Surf Good Love to anyone. Thanks a lot!!!

Lars BuremaFacebook review

Really enjoyed

our family sessions with Ines.

Everyone got some personal atention and we all made progress.

All done with great humour and a passion for surfing and the ocean.

Andrew MawdsleyFacebook review

First time surfer and wanted serious lessons.

Had two classes and learned so much!

The small groups and personal feedback helps a lot to learn it proper.

I can recommend Good Surf Good Love to everybody.

Annelise HartogFacebook review

I spent 2 weeks at Good Surf Good Love in September and it was the highlight of this year for me.

Inês not only teaches surfing, but also surf culture, how to feel completely comfortable in the water, and how to break any bad surfing habits you might have picked up elsewhere.

She keeps track of everyone’s individual levels and needs and will show you exactly how you are progressing and what still needs work. I recommend this surf school, 1,000% and I’m looking forward to going back soon.

Amanda P.Tripadvisor review

Mid October, when Europe was heading towards lockdown 2, I decided to send myself on a surfing boot camp. After 3 different instructors over a period of 1,5 years, I was still struggling to pull off anything decent on a board. (…)

I wanted a female coach who genuinely cared about my progress and who operated in a sunny, affordable country. From the first few mails with Good Surf Good Love, I just knew Inés was the 1 who was going to get me up on that board. (…)

“We’ll work within the limitations of your body, ” she wrote to me. Surprising change from the usual “surf in 5 days” guarantee… A mobility test showed I could make all the necessary moves. Inés is definitely not just an instructor. If you’d catapult her into the academic world, she’d be the Professor. Thank you Inés for being you and for teaching me all the things you did. Every time I surf, no matter where you will be there!💙🌊

Silvie De BurieIntagram review