Beginner Surfer’s Mistakes

1️⃣  Mixing social leisure with a real desire to learn how to surf. 

💎  In surfing, you make friends for life. That’s a fact!

However, we have to consider what the real goal we want from surfing is. What kind of surfer we want to be. For some years I made the mistake of going with people who surfed much more than I did, so I ended up in a peak that didn’t allow me to evolve, even though it’s great to go with surfers who are better than us because they end up pushing our level. But if the level is completely broken, it only slows you down!

Nowadays, I often surf with less skilled surfers than myself, so I end up not seeing an evolution in my surfing. Although our evolution doesn’t depend on that, but it helps!

So friends, but waves aside.

One thing is an experience, another thing is wanting to be a surfer or even a surfer. If your ambition is to become a regular surfer, choose your company for the surf sessions and or the school for the Coaches training and organization in general.

Friends, fun, and leisure are naturally inherent!

Surfing is one of the best things we can do in life, without a doubt! Invest wisely! 😉


2️⃣  Use the wrong board for your level!

💸   Don’t rush into switching to smaller boards, and even less into “plastic” boards, which are not for school or learning, and in our opinion, not for evolution.

Explore all the softboard sizes in your school, and only then, buy your own fiberboard with some performance.

3️⃣  Surfing the wrong spot/peak/lineup for your level!

😉   We have covered this subject before, in other posts. There is no reason for you to want to surf the best peaks of the beach if your surfing is not yet the best on the beach either. Those spots are conquered with a lot of struggle, resilience, investment, and dedication.

That way, one day you will be welcome in those peaks/lineups/spots or surf spots/zones. 😜👌