Share a Wave!

🙄  Have you ever felt out of place in the place you chose to catch your waves?

👩‍🚀  The reason for that discomfort may be on the basis of your learning, or in your knowing – behavior!

ℹ️  What I am telling you today is one of many ways of looking at things, but in the teaching philosophy of Good Surf Good Love, the most correct one.


Dear aspiring, practicing, new surfers…NO ONE who is really a surfer wants to share waves with you!

Sharing a wave is something very special that is done on an epic day between friends of many surfing trips, of whom you know very well the performance in surfing, regardless of whether or not they have higher levels.

A surfer uses the wave in all its time and space dimension! He goes well ahead, speeding up guessing a segment of that wave, to maneuver on a board that he guesses is going to crash but may soon want to turn back if the wave remains available/open for more surfing.


⛔️  Usually what we see on the beach today, in a very “new school” culture, is a very nasty joke of both sharing the same wave, made by people who are likely to have little experience to understand that:

1️⃣  Waves are not shared. It is a basic rule of safety and ethics: ONE ON A Wave, period!

2️⃣  A reasonable surfer doesn’t just ride forward (whether you interpret that as riding straight up the beach or running straight through a wave, without ever doing a cut back looking for the pocket of the wave). So, to think that one can go forward, sideways, or backward makes no sense to us at all!

3️⃣  The sea indeed belongs to everyone, but the waves do not. Whoever caught them first doesn’t have to share them.

An important note to retain!

😤  Every time you get on someone else’s wave, even if you know them, please be aware that you may be putting them or their equipment at risk of an accident, or you may be disturbing their leisure and good mood no less. 🤬

Proper behavior:

🙏  If you want an exceptional way to share a wave, take a look at the picture! There is nothing more special than catching high waves with one or two friends, sharing those moments in everyone’s memory! 🙌

In this suggested format and please, no other: “Share a Wave”! 👌