Share a Wave!

Share a Wave!

🙄 Have you ever felt out of place in the place you chose to catch your waves?

The reason for this discomfort, maybe at the base of your learning, or in your knowledge of being – behavior!

One way of seeing, what culture?

What I am telling you today is one of other ways of looking at things, but in the teaching philosophy of Good Surf Good Love, the most correct.


Dear aspirants, practitioners, new surfers, NO ONE who is really a surfer wants to share waves with you!

Sharing a wave is something very special, which is done on an epic day among friends of many surfs, whose performance in surfing is well known, regardless of whether or not they have similar levels.

A surfer uses the wave in all its time and space dimension.

Go ahead far ahead, accelerating by guessing a segment of that wave, to maneuver on a board that predicts going to fall, but soon you may want to go back if the wave remains available/open for more surfing.


Usually what we see on the beach, nowadays, in a very “New school” culture, is a very unpleasant game, of sharing both the same wave. The practice of recent practitioners, who normally do not even have the experience and knowledge to understand that:

  1. The waves don’t share. It is a basic rule of safety and ethics: ONE PER WAVE, period!
  2. A reasonable surfer, he doesn’t just surf forwards (he interprets this as surfing in a straight line to the beach or running a wave straight, without ever making a cut back looking for the pocket of the wave). So, thinking that others can go ahead, beside or further back, makes no sense to us!
  3. The sea is indeed everyone’s, but the waves are not. Whoever caught them first does not have to share them. *1

An important note to retain!

Every time you get on someone else’s wave, even if you know him, you get the notion that you may be putting the person or his equipment at risk of an accident, or nothing less important will disturb his leisure and good mood.

Proper behavior:

If you want an exceptional way to share a wave, take a look at the image! There is nothing more special than catching high waves with one or two friends, sharing those moments in everyone’s memory!


With the right culture and education, please, “SHARE A WAVE!”

In this suggested format and please, no other: “share a wave” !!! 🙌

* 1 This subject has a lot to tell you … Rule of priorities – Coming soon.