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The New WHO Guidelines for Physical Activity

The New WHO Guidelines for Physical Activity

The World Health Organization (WHO) launched at the end of last year a manual of guidelines for the practice of physical activity for the entire population.

This Manual has not been modified for a decade and presents some significant new features. It gathered a lot of scientific evidence to compile guidelines for the health of the entire population.

Before going to a summary of some points of change, let’s clarify concepts that are simple to understand.


A. Physical Exercise Vs Physical Activity

The two concepts sound the same, but they are not. Physical activity is associated with movement.

So, all day-to-day activities are physical activities, such as walking, running to reach the metro, climbing stairs, carrying shopping. That is, all movements that involve muscle activation or caloric expenditure are physical activity.

The concept of Physical Exercise already refers to a programmed and organized practice, associated with the pursuit of a certain objective.

This goal can be health, the more aesthetic issues of weight control for example, or even improving performance.

Physical exercise always includes physical activity, but physical activity is not always physical exercise.

B. Sedentary lifestyle and inactivity

In this theme, the new manual introduces the concept of sedentary behavior, which says that even though we are active, we must avoid the hours of the day when we remain still: sitting, lying down,…

The collected studies indicate that even those who exercise, face harmful health, due to periods of inactivity.

In addition to all the scientific evidence, collected in the past 10 years, this manual also provides updated information on the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle for the health of the population.

What’s New in This 2020 Physical Activity Recommendation Manual?

  1. Emphasizes the importance of Physical Activity in General, and not only of Physical Exercise.
  2. It considerably increases the volume of Physical Activity per week, also changing the recommendations regarding the intensity of this effort.
  3. It reinforces the harmful effects of inactivity and inactivity. Values ​​the importance of the intensity of the practice of Physical Activity for all populations, without excluding this time, the importance also for Special Populations.
  4. It reiterates the importance of Strength Training and not just Cardiovascular Training and also introduces balance activities.


The new recommendations then refer to unorganized practice – Physical Activity. For example, walking pets or parking the car further away, getting off at an earlier stop, loading up your shopping.

It should be noted that there is an important highlight of the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle, which was previously not reinforced.

This manual reinforces the fact that every movement counts, especially in this phase in which we are experiencing the COVID-19 tragedy that reduced both all types of movement, and all physical and health “centers” are closed.

Introduces solutions for physical inactivity, recommended to everyone, children, young adults and the elderly, and pregnant and postpartum women. Virtually the same recommendations.

These groups include any type of special population. That is, no one is excluded from doing the physical activity recommended by the manual.

It is really important to draw from here, that WHO recognizes only the benefits, of being active, even for people with chronic illnesses or any type of disability.

The recommendation is organized into groups, reinforcement, without excluding chronic patients or disability, by:

  1. Children and adolescents (5 to 17 years)
  2. Adults (18 to 65 years)
  3. Elderly (over 65 years)
  4. Pregnant or postpartum women

Briefly, the following recommendations are listed for each of these population groups: Note: the recommendations refer to recommendations per week.

Children and adolescents (5 to 17 years)

  • At least 60 minutes daily physical activity, on average, with moderate to vigorous intensity
  • At least 3 days a week, incorporate activities that strengthen muscles and bones
  • Conditions for those with disabilities: start with small amounts of physical activity and gradually increase the frequency, intensity, and duration.
  • Consult a health professional specializing in the condition is recommended before starting the practice.

Adults (18 to 65 years)

  • At least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity,
  • or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity.
  • Or, still, an equivalent combination between these intensities.
  • This time can be longer, to have additional benefits.
  • At least 2 days a week, do strengthening activities that involve all major muscle groups at moderate or high intensity.
  • Conditions for those who have chronic illnesses or some “disability”: should start with small amounts of physical activity and gradually increase the frequency, intensity, and duration.
  • Consult a health professional specializing in the condition is recommended before starting the practice.

Elderly (over 65 years)

  • The elderly should be as physically active as their functional capacity allows.
  • If they are doing well, the recommendation should be equivalent to that of the adult group.
  • At least 3 days a week, perform diversified physical activities, which emphasize functional balance, and strength training.

Pregnant or postpartum women

  • At least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity weekly.
  • Include a variety of aerobic and muscle-building practices.
  • Add stretches.
  • Start with small amounts of physical activity and gradually increase the frequency, intensity, and duration.
  • Women who, before pregnancy, were used to intense activity, or were physically active, can continue to maintain their practice, adjusting according to the guidance of a professional.

“Being physically active can add years to life and life to years,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of WHO. What more striking phrase do you find?

I withdraw saying that the training of everyone on Good Surf Good Love all year Program & online training is in accordance with these recommendations, but they are not enough, even so. In the remaining 4 days of the week, children and adults should practice more intense to moderate physical activity!

Good training and lots of health!

To train, where to start?

I want to train, where to start?

Talking about training tips and presenting training solutions or examples, has always been a controversial subject. As well as it has been difficult for me to introduce training online, by zoom, for our classes of children and adults.

This psychological barrier of mine is due to the habit I created of working individually and the need to plan to achieve goals.

But it’s possible, okay? Let’s just start this at the beginning.

Today I come to introduce, here on our social networks, the topic of training and start by clarifying the concept of Functional Training.

What is Functional Training?

The Functional Training fame of the last decade is nothing more than an attempt to rescue the basic patterns of movement.

However, it has been used more to introduce instability and imbalance in the training of people who have never known traditional training. This procedure it’s neglecting the important stabilizing function of certain group of muscles.

Firstly, it is necessary to approach training in a more traditional perspective, where the basic movements of the human body are evaluated, and performed in a controlled manner. The phase of learning movement patterns and developing motor control.

Secondly, we can then talk about loads, progressively, so that the individual maintains the athletic execution of the movements.


Traditional training versus functional training, is it noticed? 🤨

Traditional and functional! If the Fitness area, for multiple, is different from the training area. And it must be said that the focal point of the Functional Training concept is the result of the basic movements of the movement.

REINFORCEMENT: Functional training is used and abused, but an assessment that, adults, children, and athletes know and master these basic patterns of movement, to develop motor control.

Are you ready to go?

By squatting, pulling, pushing, flexing, extending, rotating, tilting, reaching, which are patterns that many bodies today do not know.

Here are some basic tips to get started with Good Surf Good Love. This is the beginning.

If you are a human body, I do not conceive of such a thing, it is dysfunctional. This dysfunction is a pathology.

All of us, present multiple dysfunctions, deviating from the stupid habit, unsurprisingly and in many ways, out of tune.

Children for motor illiteracy. However, we have not completed the full phase of the attachment.

Athletes of modal algae, also going through a phase of conjugation and anatomical adaptation.

This is where I feel the need to work in my laboratory, the gym.

  • In the gym, this is where we can:
  • Analyze a starting point – through initial assessment protocols;
  • Control loads;
  • Define load intensity;
  • Define recovery periods, between loads and between workouts;
  • And the most relevant in this case, teach movement patterns.
  • Or to be able to start working with loads, without the limitations of the knowledge of the basic movement patterns, restricting the work with an athlete in an initial phase.


These basic movements are very important for your movement in surfing, in life, and in training.
So, let’s start with the quality of the movements of our kinetic chain, do you agree?

Share a Wave!

Share a Wave!

🙄 Have you ever felt out of place in the place you chose to catch your waves?

The reason for this discomfort, maybe at the base of your learning, or in your knowledge of being – behavior!

One way of seeing, what culture?

What I am telling you today is one of other ways of looking at things, but in the teaching philosophy of Good Surf Good Love, the most correct.


Dear aspirants, practitioners, new surfers, NO ONE who is really a surfer wants to share waves with you!

Sharing a wave is something very special, which is done on an epic day among friends of many surfs, whose performance in surfing is well known, regardless of whether or not they have similar levels.

A surfer uses the wave in all its time and space dimension.

Go ahead far ahead, accelerating by guessing a segment of that wave, to maneuver on a board that predicts going to fall, but soon you may want to go back if the wave remains available/open for more surfing.


Usually what we see on the beach, nowadays, in a very “New school” culture, is a very unpleasant game, of sharing both the same wave. The practice of recent practitioners, who normally do not even have the experience and knowledge to understand that:

  1. The waves don’t share. It is a basic rule of safety and ethics: ONE PER WAVE, period!
  2. A reasonable surfer, he doesn’t just surf forwards (he interprets this as surfing in a straight line to the beach or running a wave straight, without ever making a cut back looking for the pocket of the wave). So, thinking that others can go ahead, beside or further back, makes no sense to us!
  3. The sea is indeed everyone’s, but the waves are not. Whoever caught them first does not have to share them. *1

An important note to retain!

Every time you get on someone else’s wave, even if you know him, you get the notion that you may be putting the person or his equipment at risk of an accident, or nothing less important will disturb his leisure and good mood.

Proper behavior:

If you want an exceptional way to share a wave, take a look at the image! There is nothing more special than catching high waves with one or two friends, sharing those moments in everyone’s memory!


With the right culture and education, please, “SHARE A WAVE!”

In this suggested format and please, no other: “share a wave” !!! 🙌

* 1 This subject has a lot to tell you … Rule of priorities – Coming soon.

Understanding the Tides

Understanding the Tides 🌞 • 🌔

[🇵🇹] I kept this image, which dates from January 7, 2014, not because I didn’t accept this resumption of the sea, but because I didn’t want Good Surf Good Love to connote chaos.

I did not immediately realize that, after all, the brand comes precisely from this chaos and from the full acceptance of this coming and going of storms, tides, winds, and cyclical Sun – Moon appearances.

Today I take it out of the chest and take the opportunity to explain what factors were combined in this Molotov cocktail result.

On this day, there were 12 to 16 m of swell, the waves were 24 ” long, and the tide that was alive, at its maximum height, was 3.6 m.

And what are the Living Tides?

Anyone who has spent entire summer days on the beach knows that the tide comes and goes.

This action between High Tide or High Tide and Low Tide or Low Tide is caused by the gravitational action of the Moon and the Sun.

🌔 • 🌞

“Tides are periodic fluctuations in sea level and are the result of the attraction of the Sun and Moon over the liquid particles of the oceans”. At

Interesting details to know:

1. As the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun combine in different alignments, they generate different types of tides.

2. Almost every day there are 4 tides separated by periods of +/- 40 minutes. This is the period of time that the tide takes to pass between full and empty.

3. The tides are not always at the same time.

4. Depending on the phases of the moon, we can have 2 types of tides: live tides and dead tides.

5. Live tides occur in the Full Moon and New Moon phases when the Earth aligns with the Moon and the Sun.

That is, every month there are several tides:

2 Living Tides at Full Moon and New Moon;

2 Dead Tides – on the Crescent Moon and the Crescent Moon.


In Portugal, the tides oscillate between 0.1 and 3.9m in the case of Living Tides.

In the case of Dead Tides, the variation in amplitude is very small, varying between 1.4 and 2.5m.

But be careful, in other areas of the planet the amplitudes vary within other values. In some places they are practically nil, in others, on the contrary, the differences are greater.


In conclusion, when the living tides of greater amplitude, combined with a storm of great sea agitation, and large waves of the high period – 12/20 ”, results in these “invasions”.

Sometimes there are even floods, even without rain, in coastal areas, especially when the level of these areas is low.


When high precipitation – 16mm, combined with great swell – 7 to 14m, with a high period – 17 to 19s, in a period of High Tides, does great damage. (Values ​​are exemplary).

To consult the tides you can consult here:

To consult all about the sea agitation and weather forecast consult here:

Learn how to read waves – Lesson 1

Learn how to read waves – Lesson 1

Where can we begin to learn to read the sea and the waves? 🤔

The simplest thing is to start by identifying which waves are possible to take, for a learner.
The information we can learn about the sea is so much that you don‘t even expect this information to be easy to interpret or identify when you look at the sea because not always the waves will look so well drawn. (Crédits to the Designer!😉)

Fase 1. Broken waves or Whitewashed

Let’s start by learning in a place where we always have contact with the bottom, ′′ standing on the ground ′′ at lower tides and, where the waves are already broken or burst.

These waves we call “foam “, white waves, broken waves, whitewashed.

If you start here, you will also start collecting the information and experience about the rip currents.

On the other hand, If you start by paddling 2 negative things can happen:

A. You don’t feel the traction of the rip current, you just go with it. And probably you don’t have enough paddling resistance yet to be able to get out of this rip, in a harder day.

B. Your arms will be to consumed for the pop-ups training, which should be the first goal: Pop Up consistency!



Fase 2. we start taking a direction – Right or Left

First consideration: The reference is always the partitioner taking the wave, to define if the direction of the wave is going Left or right.

Waves to the right:

In which the reference is Surfer facing the beach, who catches a wave that is higher on his left side and bursts in sequence from left to right.
Waves to the left:

Being the surfer reference, that‘s when the wave resells first on its right side towards the left side.
Surfers also dream a lot of triangular peaks where the same wave can be surfed by two surfers at the same time as this beautiful and perfect breakdown both ways.

Foreigners call it ′′ The Frame “. We call it a triangular peak.
This is one of the very few ways to surf the same wave with a friend! 😉 Please never, surf another person’s wave. Don’t share waves, share the stoke. Check our Article about this subject here: …..

The closeout

The kind of wave you don‘t want to catch, as we sometimes call a slang of our own, a guillotine!

The closeout is a wave that closes all at the same time quickly, giving no possibility to be surfed on the wall, just allowing us to maybe, go for it, and just drop in front.
➡️   Did you like this Subjetc? Then save to review later and share with that surfing session friend. 🤪

Tides, how does it works?

[🇬🇧] I saved this image from 7 January 2014, not because I did not accept this removal from the sea, but because I did not want the Good Surf Good Love connoted with chaos.


I didn’t immediately realize that the brand comes precisely from this chaos, and the full acceptance of this coming and going from storms, tides, winds, and the cyclical Sun – Moon apparitions.

Today I’m posting it, and take the opportunity to explain what factors have combined in this result molotov cocktail result.

On this day, there were 12 to 16m of swell, the waves had 24s period and the tide that was alive, at its maximum height was 3.6m.

🟢 And what are the Tides?

Anyone who has spent whole summer days at the beach knows that the tide is coming and going. This action between high tide and low tide is caused by the gravitational action of the moon and sun.


“Tides are periodic fluctuations in sea level and are the result of the attraction of the sun and moon to the liquid particles of the oceans.” At

As the Earth, Moon and Sun combine in different alignments, generating different types of tides.

Every day there are 4 tides separated by periods of about 6h. That is the length of time it takes the tide to travel between full and empty.

According to the phases of the moon, we can have 2 types of tides: the Spring Tides and the Neap Tides.


Spring tides occur in the Full Moon and New Moon phase, when the earth aligns with the moon and the sun.

The Neap Tides – on the First Quarter and Third Quarter  Moon.

In Portugal the tides range between 0.1 and 3.9m in the case of Spring tides. In the case of Neap Tides, the amplitude variation is very small ranging between 1.4 and 2.5m. 

In other areas of the planet the amplitudes vary. In some places they are practically nil, in others the differences are greater.

🌍 This last weekend when the high rainfall combined with a big swell – 7 to 14m and a high period – 17 to 19s (which I didn’t explain here, but will be coming back to it soon) has already done a lot of damage, even in a neap tidal period. Imagine that these were a Spring Tide, it would surely do even more damage.

Note: to check our Portuguese tides check  here:


🇵🇹 The Portuguese West Coast has plenty of beautiful beaches. Some with more, others with less consistency for Surf. 


Santa Cruz is a lovely small town, with few Services restaurants and beach bars, but have all you need for relaxing vacations.


July and August is the highest season and full of people everywhere, but still quieter than any other close known beach like Nazaré, Peniche or Ericeira.


In Santa Cruz, local people have the habit of going home to lunch, so in the middle of a Summer day, you can very often find the beach almost empty until 3 to 4 pm when it starts to fill up again.


😉The rest of the year:

Mid Season: May, June, September – more services are opened  but the Beach still absolutely empty. – My advice is, if you can, to travel at this time… From mid-June to Mid September you can find lifeguard control in the main central beaches. Don’t expect to find crazy night parties, because, at the moment there is no night disco. But you have some nice bars where you and your friends or family will be received has friends.

And Winter? – Well, Winter is Winter. But never forget, we are in PORTUGAL, where the Sun shines! Today, 11 December 2019, it’s 16º and of course – SUNNY! 🔆

Now, let’s talk about Surf Conditions!


The coast is totally turned to West, without cuts, to protect from the swell coming straight to the shore, which makes the sea and waves, sometimes rough even during Summer.


One thing you need to know is that, because of the tides, we have weeks without daylight Surf conditions, especially for all less experienced surfers. 


Let me explain: 

The slope of the beach is steep, so at high tide, usually, the waves fail to break. The best tide for someone with some surfing experience will be mid-tide and for those who are still learning, the best tide will be around low tide. 

As you know, there are usually two periods of high tide and two periods of the low tide over the course of a day. The interval between high tide and low tide is approximately 6 hours.

Do your math! 📉

The classes will always have to be close to the low tide schedule. 

The most important tip I can give you: 

Always consider the tide, forecast and please NEVER EVER practice surf alone in Santa Cruz.

And don’t get mad at us, if we don’t want to rent you surf gear, even if you say you are experienced… We are just looking after your life!

🙏The thing we love best is that we are still absolutely alone at this beach some days, even with great surf conditions. The reason is that most of the surfers, Surf Instructors, and other Surf business owners simply live in the city, and have other jobs in Low season, so… that makes almost everyone miss the right conditions. Wich means – MORE FOR YOU!!!!


👩‍🎓To live the best that Santa Cruz has to offer takes ocean knowledge, and to live on top of the beach to know this coast pattern best. 

⚠️If you want to take Surf vacations in this lovely Town, which we totally recommend, consult us, and we will advise you, about a good week, at least considering tides for your level. 

❓If you’ve been surfing in Praia de Santa Cruz before, tell what where your difficulties and where can I help you to improve your surf performance? 

Love at first sight…

This altruistic picture of myself brings me back to the nighties…

At that time… I wanted to say that everything was easier. But it was not. I am smiling at all the pictures, and I was happy at all of these pictures. But the story was not always beautiful.

I am from a traditional family. The Surf was still new in Portugal, and sports wasn’t exactly for girls like me. (I mean from this kind of family…).

I am the second child after the “Son of a Man”, so the Cinderella that has never found the lost shoe, plus, 10 years after we (my parents) had a couple of Princes more. Can you imagine who had to help taking care of it? Yep.

For a long time, I left lots of things behind, but no one noticed it. I was a good student, although my parents pushed us all so much that nothing was ever good enough. (Now a days I became like them….😬🤷‍♀️). We helped at the market, and I helped a lot with the young ones… I don’t know If my mom ever thought about how much. At a really young age, before I even surf, I was changing diapers, putting babies to sleep, and finishing and giving soup to the babies.

I could never answer the question, “why Surf?” or “when did you fell in love with Surfing?”. Honestly, I think my passion was the beach and the sea. The Surf came long after.

I remember being a really young teenager, and as soon as my parents gave me the authorization to go back home from the beach on my own, after them, I think I have never been at the table, for dinner in time.

I was always late, still wet from the last dive at the sea, and absolutely cold because I wouldn’t lose the last glimpse of the sun! Sometimes the kitchen would already be tidy and clean, and “there’s no dinner for you lady! Go up to your room, take a shower and go to bed!”

If by chance I would still be in time for supper, with everyone already at the table seated and tidy, there would be a terrifying silence, my heart would be speeding and my eyes at the floor, and many times fighting to stay dry… And very commonly my father would ask in a ghastly tone: “- Did you close the beach?”;  ME (daring): “- Yes. I was the last one.”  or “- Yes, and I brought the key!”… But what would follow,… well let’s just say that wouldn’t look good at this story. Or most probably, big yelling and complaining about my manners. TROUBLES!

There was always so much to do, to see, to live at the beach, that I could live there in a small hut!

Later, my father once seat next to me at the beach, while I watched a surfer trying to pierce the big white water wall of our rough lineup in Santa Cruz, which was not so common in the early nineties, and he said: “I would love your brothers to become surfers!”(He was referring to the men brothers). There was such a mix of feelings inside of me. And trust me, those feelings were physical things moving inside my stomach and my chest at the same time. I was happy and sad and hurt and confused. Everything related to freedom, was always men things, always. Girls should be at home,… But I wasn’t that kind of girl. And please!, it was the nineties, not the sixties! But this family thing was always like being left back at some oldies. And even at that time, they would have the hippies. But I was never a hippie. I have never been or felt a hippie. I never ever consumed any kind of drug. I would get an extra half glass some kind of sweet alcohol, like once or twice a year, but nothing else. Everyone knows I disapprove of all kinds. It’s connected to me to some kind of weakness… (But that is a talk for other extensions…)  Plus I always loved technology, enjoy studying, and I always tried to be a super civic person, respecting the other… Never been bohemia, always had a discreet conventional appearance. Never got me into some kind of fundamentalistic movement…, But maybe at the eyes of my parents and family, close society, – a free spirit, nonconformist, unconventional person. Maybe I’ve been this,… yes. Now that I put it into these words… free spirit, nonconformist, unconventional person.

Going back to my father’s sudden approach, that got me kind of shocked,… I wanted to be a Surfer. Me, a girl. Why on earth was it in his head, a boy’s sport? Why? Sometimes I really want to excuse them by thinking that at that time we used to see some junkies surfing, and it was not an elite kind of sport like Golf or Tennis… But then, just doesn’t make sense, because my brothers were also their children…Well… Maybe there is nothing to understand. Twenty-five years have passed by,… I’ve done it anyway. I just breathe in and out and told him: “- But I want to do it!” … Silence… and he: “- If you want to do it, you have to learn!”

At the end of the evening I came down to the town with cousins and friends, on our bikes and I just saw a big poster saying: “Surf School”. I am a little ashamed to say, but at the time I did not even think about it, I took it off the wall, rolled it up, and brought it home to show to my father, but he absolutely killed my mojo by rephrasing his own words: “If you want to become a surfer, you have to learn first, and then I help you to buy the equipment”. I will just finish this start of a big story by says: He never did!

In between, there is a lot I want to tell you all about, what goes inside my head because there is a looooot going, but I just want to leave some sentences for us to think about altogether, and if you get interested, I can rewrite about them…


Thought 1.
Life wasn’t easy at that time, because none of my brothers got any interested in Surf, (they did tho later) and no one would really understand why I wanted to close and open the beach every day, why I would prefer to go to sleep earlier to be fresh in the morning to fight with the sea, Why would lose so many of the big events: Concerts, football championship finals, the “Titanic” and other movies that became historical, and end up losing the timing (Maybe) to get married and get a bunch of kids as I dreamed with, little girl.

It is not easy nowadays that everyone discovered some kind of magic life, they have never understood in the past,… And I am talking about the ones that already, finally had the courage to leave the city or the suit… The sea is packed! And the community grew so fast, that there was no time or concern about the social environment, so absolutely no education or organization in most of the lineups I visited recently – Here in Portugal or other places in the world. – A subject I really want to revisit!


Thought 2.

I suffered at the time, but I believe that for almost 10 years,  I kind of repressed it inside me. So now I Answer a question very commonly asked me: “No, it was not easy, to be a girl – because Sports and Surf would be a boy thing. And no, it’s not easy to be a businesswoman in the middle of men, that get hard feelings when next to me! Said!

There I know, there is no other woman with this path in my area. I mean – Developing a business career in Surf without family investments, support… Sorry if I am wrong. In other Sports, I know some strong women.






It could have been easier. Yes. But was still doable.


love at first sight