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Our legacy…

What is GoodSurfGoodLove?

GoodSurfGoodLove is a movement.

A movement of fully commitment with the simple way of living, back to the times when we had real surfer alone at the beach.
Our manifest is to offer you, the real and unique experience of a local surfer life style. Magical moments will happen, new friend will be met, new memories will be created, new skills learned, new goals will be achieved, lots of perfect waves will be ridden…

Our coastline will take you to beautiful unspoilt white sandy beaches and the best waves and surf Europe has to offer. Each program is studied carefully, for YOU, to serve the most honest surf experience YOU can have. It’s all about the real culture. The real portuguese culture and the real surf culture!

We built our dream life from your dream holidays…

Some words form Inês Tralha, from the creator of the GoodSurfGoodLove movement,…

I’ve been chasing dreams since i remember collecting my first memories. The dream hasn’t always been the same, but the sea has always been there.
Life made me a beach lover, a surfer, an athlete, sports teacher… I learned to appreciate and respect the Nature, more than anything money, and became a Professional Sports and Surf Teacher, living by the beach, from the waves and to the sea.

Now I want to invite you to meet this beautiful place I live in, and want to offer you a collection of lifetime moments and tattoo them forever in your mind – from your first wave, your best wave ever, to the last ray of the sunlight.

Let us propose you an adjusted program for you!

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