What is GoodSurfGoodLove?

The mentor

Inês Tralha is a force of nature. Passionate about sports since an early age, forever in love with the ocean, student of all things health, she has cultivated a refined passion for water sports and its specific mechanics of movement. Inês is an embodiment of the surfing lifestyle at its most unique expression. She is also true to herself and as real as they come.

Good Surf Good Love became an expression of her beliefs and her own way of sharing a 20-year path in surfing.

The movement

Good Surf Good Love is a movement for better surf education created by Inês Tralha, a retired professional athlete and seasoned academic sports teacher.

The method

At Good Surf Good Love we have our own method of teaching. We respect each person’s individuality, his/her motivations and frustrations while learning or improving the practice of surfing. We believe in, and follow a simple motto: the surfer should surf and the teacher should teach.


The Good Surf Good Love brand harkens back to a time of empty line-ups. A few lifetimes ago, when we wanted to share this unique lifestyle, tell the whole world about it, but not many would give it a try.


Since I started to surf, back in the 90’s, everything I lived has in some way been influenced by the surfer lifestyle. The books, magazines and articles I read, the many I haven’t read yet, the casual way i choose to dress, the foods i eat, the house I live in, the car I drive, the friends I hold close, the travel destinations…

Every time i’m in the line up instead of being somewhere else… not one drop of water feels out of place.

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