Love at first sight

“Since I started to surf, back in the 90’s, everything I lived has in some way been influenced by the surfer lifestyle. The books, magazines and articles I read, the many I haven’t read yet, the casual way i choose to dress, the foods i eat, the house I live in, the car I drive, the friends I hold close, the travel destinations… Every time i’m in the line up instead of being somewhere else… not one drop of water feels out of place. I just know this calling – i am exactly where I am supposed to be. Many times alone in the line up, but always always faithful to my heart.”

Passionate about sports since an early age, forever in love with the ocean, student of all things health, Inês has cultivated a fierce passion for water sports and its mechanics of movement. She is an embodiment of the surfing lifestyle at its best, most unique expression: “I’m used to crossing paths with people that want to have that all inclusive spiritual and physical ocean experience they’ve been living for all their life, and so in no more than a week or two. My answer has stayed the same: challenge accepted!” 

She has been a surfer for the past 23 years, has taught sports for the past two decades, and taught all levels and ages for the past 17 years. To further support her passion and knowledge of the ocean, Inês studied Physical and Sports Education and became an oficial college teacher at age 23. Later on, she went back to University to pursue a post-grad degree, this time in surfing. She hash’s looked back since.

With Inês, you get the real deal. An honest teacher and an avid student of the sport, with multitudes of knowledge and experience. In a nutshell? Imagine a lifetime doing what you loves most and wanting to tell everyone about it. That’s what’s motivated her to teach and coach thousands of ocean novices, enthusiasts and athletes, without ever sacrificing the true essence of this lifestyle.

Wondering what to do next?