How long is a surf class?

About 2 hours. This includes putting on the wetsuite, washing and storing it properly – all of which are the student’s responsability – warm up and initial instruction, practical coaching and surfing autonomously.

How old do you need to be?

All ages can apply! As long as there are no physical or pathological limitations. Our coaches are phys ed teachers themselves and are used to dealing with children. Our youngest student ever was 3 years young, as opposed to the oldest purveyor of stoke, who was 60 when he saw the light.


Cancellations are possible until 24 hrs prior to activity.We will never say no to a customer and will do everything in our power to plan ahead and make sure everything goes according to planned, but we strongly recommend that bookings are made in advance, as soon as possible. For example, in Summer and Easter, we are prepared to arrange for reservations right up to the last minute before a class, yet these last minute bookings can sometimes prove tricky to arrange.

Do you have insurance?

YES! Insurance Policy nr. 85/ 21503

During our activities, all students are covered by insurance relating to physical activities, namely surfing, bodyboarding, skimboarding and skateboarding.

Do you guys rent equipment?

YES! Anyone can rent surfing and bodyboarding equipment through us. Minimum rental is equivalent to 1 day.

P.S. – Good Surf Good Love reserves the right to refuse equipment rental whenever we consider that the customer’s wave skills and wave conditions are a risk to himself and anyone else. Safety comes first!

Does the rental include insurance?

Negativa. Unfortunately, our rentals are not covered by insurance and are therefore subject to exclusive responsability of the customer in any type of accident.

Are there surf classes during winter?

Yes. GSGLove operates 365 days a year, as long as wave conditions allow it.

Is the sea rougher during winter?

Not necessarily. We’ll let you know if it’s safe according to your level of skill and experience.

Is it too cold in the winter?

Ocean water is usually a similar temperature in winter and summer, at least in the west coast where we’re headquartered. GSGL has 4/3mm wetsuites – thicker and warmer to ensure comfort. During winter season classes are ideally scheduled for noon, when the sun is higher and warmer. But make no mistake: colder days are not keeping us out of the water!

Can we schedule classes for any time?

Classes are scheduled by GSGL according to wave conditions and tides to offer the ideal conditions according to different levels of surfing expertise. If a customer wants to schedule a class outside of regular hours, he can easily get in touch  and book a private class (with adjusted prices).

Can i book a private class?

Sure. Just contact us and we’ll set it up to suit everyone’s availability. Prices may vary.

Do you guys have bodyboarding classes?

Yes, we have a network of instructors available to teach bodyboarding, surfing, skimboarding and skateboarding classes. We can also teach specific training classes for any of these sports.

What levels of surfing do you cover?

All of them. Our team and partners are ready to teach any type of surfer, from newbie to more experienced. We will help you learn the ropes, perfect, compete, choose equipment, plan your trips, etc. If it it surf-related, you can count on us.

Do kids need to bring their parents?

If they are under 12, yes. Kids aged 12 or older only need their parentsor tutor present during the first class. Anyone under 12 should be explcitly authorized by their parents or tutor via signed terms of agreement.

We always enjoy meeting the parents or tutors of any grommets taking part in our activities. The younger ones will always be safer with their parents around, and the class will be more productive for everyone involved.

Classes schedule

Classes oficially start at the scheduled time, so if it’s your first time, we need to meet you, fill out some paper work, pick a wetsuit and a proper board. That means we should meet 30 minutes before class starts. If you’re a repeat student, 15/20 minutes before scheduled time should be more than enough to put on a wetsuit, pick up a board and start heading to the line-up. Try to be there on time, so everyone can avoid waiting around for the slackers!

Any more questions? Get in touch